About us

History of the Alliance

The predecessor of the Family Science Alliance is the Family Science Platform, which was transformed into the Family Science Alliance in 2019. The goals and mission of the Family Science Alliance are the same as those of the Family Science Platform.

The Statues of the Family Science Alliance

Fundamental objective

The fundamental purpose of the Family Science Alliance is to promote the formation and survival of good marriages by formulating and disseminating a healthy image of man, and by raising the standard of couple relationship culture. It is important to identify, protect and disseminate the relevant key values, as well as to map and demonstrate the harmful processes.

Specific goals

  • bringing together as widely as possible the family, academia, civil society and churches family organizations to alleviate the crisis in family life,
  • developing and implementing a short-term and long-term solution to the social crisis in family life,
  • surveying, researching and disseminating the effects and consequences of different types of couple relationships and families on individuals, communities and society as a whole,
  • formulation, protection and dissemination of comprehensive value system and lifestyle models based on scientific results in relation to couple relationship, marriage and family,
  • exploring and raising public awareness of the causes of the crisis in family life at social level,
  • increasing the stability of marriages and families,
  • research on couple relationship values,
  • helping to develop and maintain good marriages and families,
  • alleviating the demographic crisis as a symptom of family life,
  • developing and implementing couple relationship culture and family preparation,
  • developing family science,
  • marriage and family support.