FAGAN Pat (U.S.A.)

Director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute, Washington D.C.

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Lecture and abstract of the conference entitled:
Demography and the Culture of Relationship between Couples
27-29 May 2021, Hungary
Organized by Family Science Alliance, Batthyány Society of Professors and European Family Science Society


Synthesis Research Project on Human Flourishing.


Synthesis is an ongoing phenomenon in the material and biological sciences but is resisted in the social sciences (except in areas of specialization) because of fallen human nature. To break this pattern and to fill this void a coalition of natural law social scientists is needed to produce synthesis papers on each area critical to family, church, school, and society. These would integrate the findings across disciplines on how man thrives in critical areas of human life, or the main ways in which he wilts. Wish lists of needed synthesis papers are suggested by some already interested.

The two dimensions of human functioning most at risk in modernity are both essential to man’s thriving: lifelong marriage and regular worship of God — the Two Great Loves of Neighbor and God. Their absence or presence yield two very different societies, one that thrives and one that wilts.

A shared database will massively increase productivity and will yield a growing capacity to synthesize. It will make gathering, categorizing, storing, and retrieving findings much easier and sharable across the globe.

Given that creation is one wonderful, integrated whole and is incapable of contradicting itself the ‘natural law’ social scientists of the coalition welcome and husband “contrary data” because they are the source of new hypotheses, research and insights. Their opposition do not honor such contrary data.

To gain the interest of donor-foundations, a coalition of assent among academics capable of executing synthesis work is needed. With funding a top-class Journal of Synthesis Of The Effects Of Marriage And Religion would function as a quality and credentialling of the synthesis papers published and contribute to ease of marketing and distribution.

The key markets are “connector / transmission belt” organizations within the institutions of religion and education (including media).

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