NAGY Péter (Hungary)

Diocese of Pécs, Coordinator of the Family Life Education and Life Strategy Program, Public Education Associate, Vice-President of the Family Science Alliance

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Lecture and abstract of the conference entitled:
Demography and the Culture of Relationship between Couples
27-29 May 2021, Hungary
Organized by Family Science Alliance, Batthyány Society of Professors and European Family Science Society


Family life education and related programs


From the second half of the 20th century, public education gradually relinquished to transmit the values that underpin European civilization although without thinking, critical approach, and effective collaboration with others, neither the individual nor society can be effective.
The material approach and the ideologies based on it, have placed material goods and pleasures at the center of an individual’s well-being. While it is becoming increasingly clear that none of them can fulfill this role, and devaluation of the relationship dimension of sexuality further separates it from the conception of life, downgrades the meaning and significance of sexuality.

The means of building existence – intellectual knowledge, gaining a more efficient position in a competitive situation, social recognition, financial benefits, etc. – prove ineffective in achieving longlasting human relationships, in particular stable marriages and personalized, cohesive family coexistence.

Acquisition of the skills, needed to achieve effective and longlasting human relationships, is implemented during socialization by following people accepted as credible. Family life education and related programs have been brought to life by the growing social demand for these values.

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