SCHITTL Eszter (Hungary)

CitizenGO Representative in Hungary

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Lecture and abstract of the conference entitled:
Demography and the Culture of Relationship between Couples
27-29 May 2021, Hungary
Organized by Family Science Alliance, Batthyány Society of Professors and European Family Science Society


Protection of children from gender ideology.


In more and more countries around the world, millions of children are being manipulated and influenced by gender ideology. In strong contrast to their biological reality and in defiance of human nature itself, media propaganda along with so-called “”comprehensive sexuality education”” programs seek to persuade young minds that they can do the impossible and “”change”” their sex.

As a result of the gender lobby, some children with impaired and insecure identities, who suffer with gender dysphoria, are now treated with puberty blockers and opposite-sex hormones. These medical procedures and so-called “”sex reassignment surgery”” are provided them as a solution instead of finding and resolving the causes of their identity crisis. While efforts are being made to tailor the body to thoughts, professional assistance in restoring thoughts and feelings contrary to a person’s biological reality is increasingly restricted and prohibited.

In other instances, when legalizing sperm donor IVF treatment for lesbians, surrogacy for homosexuals and LGBTQ adoptions, lawmakers take into account the interests of adults instead of concentrating on the child’s best interest. Indeed, these kinds of activities disrupt the child’s natural right to a mother and a father.

It is our responsibility to protect the rising generation from the effects of gender ideology which denies human nature. Parents, as the primary caregivers of their children, educators, the church, and the state all play different but important roles in this. If we fail to act, the gender lobby may cause irreversible destruction in society, and the victims of that will be vulnerable children first of all.

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