SLATER Sharon and SLATER Taylor Jessica (U.S.A.)

Sharon Slater: President of Family Watch International; and Jessica Slater Taylor: Co-founder of the Empowered Youth Coalition

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Lecture and abstract of the conference entitled:
Demography and the Culture of Relationship between Couples
27-29 May 2021, Hungary
Organized by Family Science Alliance, Batthyány Society of Professors and European Family Science Society


Presentation of The Global Empowered Youth Coalition.


The world has come to a tipping point across the globe as youth and young adults are being indoctrinated, sexualized, and enlisted in the radical sexual rights movement. Enter the Empowered Youth Coalition (EYC) which is uniting youth and young adults across the globe to stand for life and family.

The EYC provides a platform for networking and sharing to empower the rising generation to stand for their values. Try out EYC’s informative “Fact Over Fiction” quizzes, watch inspiring EYC “Listen and Learn” videos, and participate in EYC “Taking a Stand” activities. Membership in the EYC is free and open to any individual or organization that promotes EYC values such as the protection of life and the family.

Although the materials created and distributed by the EYC will be oriented toward youth and young adults ages 15-35, people of any age can join and receive the informative quizzes, videos and alerts. Learn more at Together we can equip and empower youth and young adults to become effective advocates for life and family.

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