Empowered Youth Coalition

EYC – Empowered Youth Coalition

What is EYC?
EYC is an organisation that unites young people around the world to dare to stand up for family and defend life. Founded by Sharon Slater, who is also the President of Family Watch International, the global organisation is passionate about speaking out against the so-called comprehensive sex education and LGBTQ rights for young people. Another important figure, Sharon’s daughter Jessica Taylor, co-founder of the organisation, is also a radical pro-life and family studies graduate. Her goal is to fight for women’s rights, to educate them about the harmful effects abortion has on them both physically and mentally.

The community welcomes applications, especially from young people aged 15-35. You can apply either individually or on behalf of another organisation. To date, nearly 200 organisations have joined EYC, successfully exceeding the target of 100.

Launched in May, the initiative provides an excellent platform for young people to meet like-minded people with whom they can discuss vital issues such as healthy sexuality, the importance of family ties, ending pornography, sexual exploitation of children, parental rights, religious freedom, etc.

Let’s talk a bit about the EYC’s mission, what their mission is. First and foremost, our aim is to educate young people around the world to dare to stand up for the family and put it first. It also teaches responsibility and commitment to family unity. Another important message of the EYC is to dare to speak out in the media, to promote truths that strengthen the well-being of children, young people and families. The fight against abortion will also be brought to the fore. Let us make clear that human life begins in the womb from conception and should end only with natural death. So let us fight to make abortion illegal in all nine months of pregnancy and let life prevail. Nowadays family unity is becoming irrelevant and the ego, the fulfilment of the individual, is coming to the fore. God created man for man and woman. Marriage is the foundation of the family, even a married couple is a family. A couple who are irrevocably committed to each other as a couple can have children with the greatest possible security.

In short, this is what the EYC has to say. It is a pleasure to see that there are still like-minded people in the world who have a desire to render virtue before as many people as possible and are willing to speak out in a world where everyone is supposed to accept everyone else, except for those who fight for tradition or for real values. Seeing all these people present on this platform has given me the desire to stand up for Truth with enthusiasm.

From Hungary, both the Family Science Alliance and the European Family Science Society have joined the EYC.

Written by one of the young Hungarian representatives of the Family Science Alliance

For more information please visit their website.