“Lecture Series on Family Protection”

 In spring 2021, the Family Science Alliance held a series of four small conferences

In spring 2021, the Family Science Alliance held a series of four small conferences entitled “Lecture Series on Family Protection”, the presentations of which are currently available only in Hungarian on our website.

The main topics of the lectures are the characteristic types of relationships that are shaped today,

the specific features and consequences of these types of relationships, based on scientific findings.

They summarised the relevant essential values of self-awareness and relationship, life management models and gave advice on life management, highlighted the main dangers. Thus, they presented the main guidelines of family science and of coaching for family life. They also highlighted the many harmful trends and misconceptions prevalent in society, i.e. those that are not in harmony with scientific findings and surveys, and even those that are in direct conflict with them, and showed the reasons of crisis of relationships and demographics. Of course, solutions were also proposed.

The main aim of the lecture series was to inform the audience about the possible way leading to a healthy, responsible and happy couple relationship and family life and about the maintaining of it showing the consequences and difficulties of losing the right path, of dangers and harms.

Just a few of the presentations are mentioned:

– Tamás Krúdy (journalist): “And the Word became flesh” (Gender identity from a Christian perspective)

– Péter Nagy (CSTSZ Vice-President): Why Sexual Upbringing Not Satisfying?

– Ferenc Tomka (theologian): How Revise Coaching of Engaged Couples

– Tímea Surányi-Vadas (CSTSZ Vice-President): Preparing Youth for the Call of Marriage

– Imre Balásházy (CSTSZ Vice-President): Couple Relationship and Demography

If our financial possibilities allow, we will try to provide the lectures with English subtitles next year.