Statements 2020-2021

Dear Reader,

The primary objective of the Family Science Alliance is to raise the standard of couple relationship culture of the growing generations and to increase the stability of existing families, thus trying to help strengthen the traditional family model.

We are committed to and defend our view, which is supported by scientific evidence, that the traditional family model could continue to play its role in fulfilling the basic needs of the individual for happiness and is essential for the development of society. 

We believe it is important that these views are given due weight in the media and in the legislative process.

To achieve this goal, we have issued the following statements for the year of 2020 and 2021:

  1. Declaration of birth sex registration
    (May 5th, 2020)

The Family Science Alliance supports the proposed law amending Act I of 2010 on civil registration procedures, which concerns the registration of birth sex as a permanent record.

It is a scientific fact that the sex of a human being is genetically encoded in every single cell. The sex chromosomes in every cell of the body cannot be altered by modern medicine. In many cases, the long-term health outcome of sex reassignment interventions cannot be predicted. Some of those who have undergone such procedures regret the treatments and want to reverse the process because the interventions do not solve the original “problem”.

According to the Hungarian constitution, Hungary helps people to stay healthy by providing health care institutions and medical care. Sex reassignment surgery is often questionable and doubtful in the long term in terms of health preservation. Therefore, it may go against the Basic Law and may result in a significant financial burden.

It is recommended that the date of birth should not be changed for the sake of easy administration, nor should the date and place of birth be changed. The need to change sex should not override these administratively important details.

In our view, a youth identical to its biological sex, is physically, mentally and spiritually the most possibly healthy. They can be the main guarantee of the future of Hungary as capable candidates of a happy family life based upon marriage and thus managing the demographic crisis.

  1. Declaration on the publication of the storybook “Fairyland for All”
    (October 13th, 2020)

The Family Science Alliance was shocked to be informed about the publication and distribution of a book entitled “Fairyland for All”, which aims to promote the purposes of LGBTQ organisations among children.

In our view, this is contrary to the Fundamental Law and the laws on the protection of families and on public education.

On this basis, we ask that it be banned from all public institutions for public education and children, including nurseries, kindergartens, schools and other children’s institutions.

Fairy tales play an important role in the development of basic identity and morals in early childhood.

It is unacceptable that our children and grandchildren should be exposed to such impulses at an early stage of personal development.

We propose legal restrictions on the presence of ‘sensitising’ ideologies in public education institutions, which are contrary to the Fundamental Law, and sanctions for those who violate these restrictions.

Hands off our children and grandchildren!

  1. Declaration on the publication of the 9th Amendment to the Fundamental Law
    (November 26th, 2020)

The Family Science Alliance welcomes the 9th Amendment to the Fundamental Law

We welcome the Ninth Amendment to the Fundamental Law, which the country desperately needs. The institution of marriage and family has been under intense attack for decades. The attack threatens the health of individuals and society, and the survival of our country and culture. It has come on three main fronts: (a) the spread of promiscuous sexuality, (b) the acceptance of same-sex marriage, and (c) the denial of the person’s bisexuality. A fourth front (d) is already emerging: the legalisation of polygamous relationships. The 9th Amendment to the Constitution directly protects against fronts (b), (c) and (d) and indirectly curbs front (a).

The first front is the root cause of the crisis around the family, the multiplication of selfishness, violence and depression in relationships, the rise in abortion and the demographic crisis. This front is a fundamental violation of women’s dignity and equality, and is anti-child and anti-human. The majority of people have little or no understanding of the essential differences and likely consequences of the various types of relationship, and therefore have an inadequate understanding of the long-term effects of their relationship choices.

  1. Declaration on the amendment of Act XXXI of 1997 on the Protection of Children
    (June 17th, 2021)

We welcome the fact that the new amendment to the Fundamental Law emphasises education based on values of Christian culture. Christian culture and the order of nature are based upon the same foundation: mankind is of man and woman, called for a unique life-long covenant of love in fulfilled self-giving.

The Family Science Alliance welcomes with great satisfaction the amendment of Act XXXI of 1997 on the Protection of Children.

According to common opinion of professionals pornography is destructive to the psychological development of children under 18. It is the experience of teachers that pornography is already being used by boys at primary school age. Through the objectification of the female body, children are unaware that sexuality is meant to strengthen the life-long and life-giving union of love between two people. Pornography devalues the female gender, undermines the relationship between the sexes and makes it difficult to build and maintain a stable family life based on trust and loyalty.

Extreme gender ideology and “sensitisation” is entering schools under the false guise of equal opportunities and anti-discrimination. People with a non-heterosexual orientation must not be used as a tool to dismantle the institution of marriage and the family, but must be helped and protected.

Instead of the so-called comprehensive sex education programme advocated by the EU Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, which has been proven to be harmful on the basis of scientific studies, the Family Science Alliance proposes the intensive introduction of a family life education programme, as subject in public education, in line with Hungary’s Fundamental Law, scientific findings and Christian values. Our association offers its cooperation in the formulation of the relevant core values.